Amalfi 2000

In summer 2000, Sue and Paul holidayed in Amalfi, a delightful small town on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, just south of Naples.  We stayed at the Hotel Santa Caterina.  The area is one of the most scenic in Italy - so Paul and his camera worked overtime.  This page has a small selection of the photos he took.  In 2004 we went back to check that all is still just as good - it was!

Couple in Ravello

Amalfi Cathedral from the Sea
Tables by the Sea Bay of Salerno
Boy at Fountain Approaching Salerno
Man Listening to Concert Sheltering from the Sun

Amalfi Beach

Pot on Balcany Our Boatman

Ravello Garden

Technical Details

Pictures taken on Minolta Vectis s-1 APS camera with 25-150mm zoom lens.  The film was 400ASA Kodak Advantix .  Exposed film was developed by Kodak and returned on CD.  For prints, I use my Epson Stylus Colour 860 printer and Epson's Heavyweight Matte paper (much cheaper than photo paper and almost identical quality).  Pictures are manipulated where necessary in Adobe Photoshop Elements - almost as powerful as the professional Photoshop and much cheaper.