Christmas 2001

Our biggest event this year was our move in April. We are delighted with “Holly Bush” and are slowly getting things sorted. Our existing furniture looked a bit lost when we moved in so we have had great fun furnishing the house. Paul has bought a variety of real boy’s toys including a ride-on mower which also doubles up as a leaf collector at this time of year. One of the joys of the house is watching the wildlife. During the year we have seen families of deer (pictured), partridge, and magpies (amongst others) growing up in the garden.

Sue gave up her job with the play-school just before our move—so she is also now officially retired. The boys have had a bet as to when she would get involved with the one in our new village but (so far) Sue has resisted the temptation.

Paul has continued doing some lecturing and part-time consultancy. His old company, Baltimore Technologies, has gone through some difficult times since he left in October 2000. We keep our fingers crossed for those of our friends that still work there.

Hospitals seem to have figured in our life far too much this year. Sue was admitted in an emergency earlier in the year after what she thought would be a routine trip to her GP. After lots of tests, all the nasty conditions seem to have been eliminated. The doctors now think she was suffering from a viral infection of the spine. Lelia, Paul’s sister, also had a stay in hospital. It was quite prolonged after the operation did not go to plan. Fortunately, she now seems to have recovered and is back to riding again. Finally (we hope), Sue’s Mum had an operation recently. Indeed, she is currently staying with us while recovering. Fortunately her operation went to plan and Mum seems to be recovering well. All this has meant that we have not spent as much time catching up with friends as we had originally planned.

On a brighter note, we have had quite a few breaks during the year. For our Wedding Anniversary, we fancied a nice French meal—so we hopped over the channel for the night! Our main holiday was a three-week trip to the States in July. We had a short break at the end of January when we went to Germany to pick up Paul’s new car. We had a fascinating tour round the factory and a then a gentle drive back with overnight stops in Holland and Belgium. In October, we spoilt ourselves by taking the Orient Express to Venice and then staying there for a short break. Both the train journey and Venice were stunning. Must do it again!

Sue & Paul

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