Christmas 2000

It has definitely been another eventful year for us. In October, Paul decided to retire from full time work to allow us to spend more time on our own interests. His aim is to spend about half his time working as an independent security consultant and have the rest of the time to ourselves. 

It does not seem to be reducing the travelling. Paul is writing this sitting in an airport lounge waiting for the plane home after spending three days working in southern Georgia in the USA. 

At least some of the travelling is our own choice now. We had a long weekend in London to celebrate Paul's birthday and retirement. We saw a show, went to the Millennium Dome (very impressive) and checked that Carluccio's wild mushroom dishes really were up to standard (they were!).

Planning our holiday was a bit strange  since it was the first time in a long time that we were having our main holiday without either of the boys. In the end, we chose a splendid hotel in Amalfi. The setting was glorious - see the pictures. We went on many boat trips up and down the coast  and went to four concerts. We also had plans to visit nearby Pompeii and Capri but the combination of hot weather and a hotel that spoilt us made us reluctant to go too far. Well, it's a good excuse to go back!

Sue is still working two mornings a week at the church playschool. She finds it a bit strange that she has go out to work while Paul stays behind.

Pressure of work had prompted Paul to resign his role as chair of governors at Peter's old school although he remained a governor.

Sue & Paul

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