Heating Saga 2005

Just into the New Year our central heating boiler started pumping water all over the floor. We discovered that a design defect in the under-floor heating pipes had caused the boiler to rust through. Replacing the boiler was easy. Curing the basic cause was a bit more problematic. Every floor downstairs had to come up and new improved heating pipes laid. We were now into the long cold dry spell. The replacement job was going to take some six weeks so we decided to postpone the work until the end of May and retreated into rooms with old fashioned fires.

Summer came; we put all non-essential furniture into storage and the invasion started. Tea and coffee were needed in vast quantities to fuel the workers. They were a great team with the different crafts all working well together. They were also good at working around us so we could continue life with some sort of normality we even made all but one of the 20-odd Salisbury Festival events we had booked. All was eventually finished on time and to the original estimate. This winter (2005/06) we have been wandering around the house in bare feet, once again luxuriating in the joys of warm floors.